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Jimmy L asked:

Hi everyone, I’m a 2x veteran that seperated from the Army, recently I have trouble finding a dentist that will provide dental care under a Vet Affairs dental reimbursement program. Because I have one missing tooth (pre-existing cond.), the costs for the dental implant exceeded the VA fee schedule, therefore will not reimburse the dentist. VA has been ignoring my case for almost a year now. If I go for priv dent. ins. I will not be covered for a teeth implant. Now I’m thinking of going to Mexico for dental care. Are there any other options?

Dental care?

Annie asked:

I am 60 and take care of my grandsons, so I have little money to use towards dental care. I need a root canal and crown badly on a tooth that shows when I smile. It looks black because I broke part of it off. Do not tell me to get dental insurance as they do not work for 1 yr. Is there a place someone like me can go to get cheaper dental work?

Joanne B asked:

I am a low-income resident of Los Angeles who needs immediate dental care. I would like to know of low cost or no cost dental plans/insurance for people in my area.

QTIP asked:

A friend of mine broke his tooth on Friday evening. He went to a local hospital emergency room and was given pain meds and told to see his dentist first thing Monday morning. Why can’t hospitals provide emergency dental care !